Seasonal dishes made with steamed vegetables in Ragusa


The Sea Sound Restaurant welcomes guests in a pleasant environment, furnished with rustic and refined taste, and is open daily for lunch and dinner during the summer season, in fact, the restaurant never closes, not even on Monday (their closing day) and it is always ready, seven days a week, to serve and inviting and imaginative menu. Fresh and freshly caught fish, is the star of this restaurant’s kitchen, and especially raw vegetables, a variety of tasty and refined strictly raw fish dishes: seafood, grilled prawns, oysters fragrant, and mussels, the great specialties of the restaurant, proposed in many versions, raw and natural, with just a little 'pepper, in tasty soups and pasta dishes. Fish is the first ingredient also in all the other dishes that appear in the menu of the restaurant, with regard to the latter, rich in taste and creativity, thanks to the presence of crustaceans, but also of sea bass, sea bream, mullet, dentex, salmon, all cooked with natural and traditional methods: salt, grilled, baked, in many appetizing and inviting versions. Accompanying the wide range of seafood and land that make up the main menu-course, you can’t miss out on a seemingly endless assortment of steamed vegetables in Ragusa: such a wide choice to satisfy every need and every taste, with pleasure the freshness and safety of tasting natural products, selected from the best suppliers, and guaranteed for authenticity. For each course, the restaurant offers a choice of vegetables at excellent quality Ragusa di steam, as well as tasty grilled vegetables, delicious roasted radicchio, fresh salads, stuffed olives, fragrant tomatoes, and for those who want the most delicious side dishes, also nuggets and chips. As with all other specialties, even for the steam vegetables in Ragusa, the salads and the side dishes, the restaurant selects only seasonal products, to assure freshness and superior quality.