A second course seafood dishes in Ragusa


Also regarding the choice of second course seafood in Ragusa, the Sea Sound Restaurant offers a selection of specialties that are rich in taste and fancy, prepared with the freshest ingredients, as well as being accurate and have passion. Dishes mainly based on fresh fish, but also meat specialties chosen belonging to the culinary traditions of Italian regions. Open daily for lunch and dinner, the restaurant welcomes guests in the large hall, but also on the beautiful terrace overlooking to the port of Pozzallo, where you can spend time at lunch or dinner in front of the magnificent panorama of the sea. For the second course seafood in Ragusa, the choice is irresistible with the opportunity to taste local specialties, prepared with fresh and freshly caught fish: mixed grill, roast or grilled prawns, roast cuttlefish, swordfish salmoriglio, roasted squid, mixed fried fish and Mediterranean fried fish. The variety of main courses offered by the Sea Sound Restaurant is not limited to seafood, but does extend to land specialties and meat dishes, including the grilled tenderloin with mushrooms, grilled mixed meat, grilled steak and veal chop, both Milan and Palermo style.

For those who love the smell of the sea, and prefer a more elaborate and original second course in Ragusa, you can also choose from different specialties for a particular taste:

  • Spinned lobster, lobsters and prawns (order by weight)
  • Sea bass, red mullet, sand steembras, sea bream, dentex and white bream (by weight)
  • Fish soup with croutons
  • Steamed fish fillet
  • Fillet of salmon with citrus fruits and pilaf rice
  • Fillet of sea bass with roasted almonds

Cooking the fish for the second seafood course in Ragusa takes place according to conventional methods, salt, baked, roasted or stewed, always with great care and attention to leave intact the taste and aroma of fresh fish.