To end the lunch or dinner, this is for the sweet teeth of Ragusa


Any meal worthy of respect cannot avoid ending on a sweet note, it must be said, even at Restaurant Sea Sound who, at the end of the course, offers a selection of tasty and irresistible desserts. Prepared with top quality, fresh ingredients, delicious desserts in Ragusa in this restaurant are prepared with the utmost care, to satisfy even the most demanding and complicated tastes, and stem largely from the traditional Sicilian cuisine. Among the delicious desserts of Ragusa we have, in fact, the best known Sicilian cassata, the famous, and very old, Sicilian parfait with fresh ricotta, sponge cake, chocolate and candied fruit, decorated with art and imagination. Next to the famous cassata, among the delicious desserts of Ragusa it is impossible to resist the cannoli with ricotta, another famous Sicilian masterpiece, and perhaps one of the most representative of the Italian pastry desserts, soft and delicate stuffed with ricotta cream. The choice between the delicious desserts of Ragusa does not stop there, but continues in a series of delicate and irresistible preparations, suitable to close with sweetness and delight even the most important lunch or dinner:

  • Panna cotta
  • Ricotta Mousse
  • Frozen desserts
  • Almond or pistachio parfait
  • Lemon sorbet
  • Lemon or almond ‘Gelo’
  • White or chocolate truffle
  • Tiramisu

All the pastries and delicious desserts of Ragusa proposed by Restaurant Sea Sound are prepared by the kitchen staff, with the guarantee of the freshness of each ingredient, authenticity and quality, to provide perfect and great tasting results. The restaurant never closes through the summer and remains open continuously, so the guests can have lunch or have dinner on the terrace with the magnificent scene of the port of Pozzallo, or on the equipped beach lido, included in the grounds of the restaurant.